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Enhance Your Autumn Images

Autumn is a wonderful time to be a landscape photographer. The trees and landscape changes to a stunning golden scene. But there can be a problem. You might shoot what you believe is a vibrant and beautiful image. But when you later view this on your computer, you find it lacking. If you have experienced this frustrating problem you will enjoy this video tutorial explaining how to enhance your autumn images.

The common approach is to rely on increasing the colour temperature of the image. Then incresing the saturation and vibrancy sliders using tools in Photoshop and Lightroom. Please avoid doing this as you won’t achieve good results. Instead, we will use Lightroom adjustments together with the free Nik plug-ins. These will allow us to make selective enhancements to our autumn scene. The video gives a brief introduction capturing the image followed by the full processing steps. We use Lightroom first, then Viveza and finally Color Efex Pro. This is a workflow that you can apply to any autumn image with great success.

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Photo Editing Tutorials Enhance Autumn Images