Dramatic Black & White Conversion in Lightroom

The accepted wisdom in Photography circles is that to produce a dramatic Black & White conversion you need special software or plug-ins. Lightroom has tools to create black and white conversions but you can’t achieve dramatic results. This is rubbish and you shouldn’t listen to people who tell you this.

In this video, I will show you the tools and techniques you can use to create dramatic black and white images. Everything will be done in Lightroom. There are no other filters or software to use. We will start with a rather dull image of rocks and heather and finish with a dramatic black and white landscape image.

The tools of black and white are simple and all are available in Lightroom. We will look at Colour Response, Vignette, Radial and Graduated filters and the Adjustment brush. When used correctly these tools can produce quite dramatic results. Don’t settle for flat, lacklustre black and white images when you can achieve so much more.

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