How to Create Custom Lightroom Profiles

Have you ever wanted to create custom Lightroom profiles for your camera? Perhaps you have seen the excellent film profiles that ship with the Fuji cameras and want something similar for your camera. Have seen some of the bespoke profiles that ship with some Lightroom presets and want to replicate these? Perhaps you’re curious about how to create custom camera profiles.

You could buy a specialist tool such as the X-rite color passport but these can be expensive. They do allow you to create bespoke camera profile for your camera but this is to give perfect colour. If you want to get a little more creative with your editing then there is an alternative which this fascinating video will introduce. I suspect this will be something many of you will never have seen before.

Using a RAW file from a Fuji X-T2 camera and free software from Adobe, I demonstrate how to create and install a bespoke camera profile to Lightroom in minutes. But this isn’t just limited to Fuji cameras, it’s available for all cameras that can shoot RAW files. The technique is fast, simple and free. Just watch the short video to find out more.

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