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My name's Robin Whalley and I’m a UK Landscape Photographer. When I first became interested in photography, almost two decades ago, I was frustrated by the lack of information. I wanted to progress quickly but everyone who I thought was taking great pictures kept their secrets, well secret. That’s when I decided to study everything I could find about photography and image editing. I also made myself a promise, which was to ‘share what I learn and learn what I don’t know’. It's what's made me a better photographer.

Today, my photography has improved immensely and so too has my understanding of how to help other photographers do the same. That’s why I created Lenscraft, a free resource for enthusiast photographers everywhere. If you’re keen to learn photography and want to progress beyond the basics, you have arrived at the right site.

Everything here is free and will stay that way. There is a restricted ‘Members Area’, but guess what – yes, it’s free. If you decide to sign up, you will receive one or possibly two emails each month containing more free help. You can also unsubscribe at any time.

Look around and if you do decide to join Lenscraft, I recommend you look in the ‘Guides for Photographers’ in the ‘Members Area’. I think you will find it useful in developing your photography.

If you ever need help with your photography, just contact me.

Enjoy the site.

Robin Whalley


Landscape Photographer

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Photograph of Llyn Peninsula sunset, North Wales
Photograph of Thor's Well, Cape Perpetua, Oregon, America

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Latest Photography Videos & Tutorials

Holme Fell in Autumn Video and Editing

Holme Fell in Autumn is a wonderful location for Landscape Photographers to visit. This video will share some of the magic,starting with a visit to the location. After visitng the location to shoot the image, you see the editing of the photograph to produce a...

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Nik Collection Infrared Photography Simulation

Whilst infrared photography can produce interesting and beautiful results, not everyone wants or can afford to convert a camera record infrared light. One affordable alternative is to convert your colour digital images to produce an infrared photography simulation...

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Enhance Your Autumn Images

Autumn is a wonderful time to be a landscape photographer. The trees and landscape changes to a stunning golden scene. But there can be a problem. You might shoot what you believe is a vibrant and beautiful image. But when you later view this on your computer, you...

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Shooting Autumn in the Lakes (Video)

The Lake District is a wonderful place to visit and photograph but in Autumn it’s particularly spectacular. The trees turn golden and the bracken changes from vibrant green to a deep rich brown. If you’re lucky you will even see a little snow on the tops of the hills....

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Create Custom Lightroom Profiles

Have you ever wanted to create custom Lightroom profiles for your camera? Perhaps you have seen the excellent film profiles that ship with the Fuji cameras and want something similar for your camera. Have seen some of the bespoke profiles that ship with some Lightroom...

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Installing Camera Profiles in Lightroom

Installing camera profiles in Lightroom can be tricky and frustrating. It’s difficult to know exactly where to install the profiles and if they don’t work, the process can leave you scratching your head. In this video, we cut through the confusion and show you where...

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