Nik Silver Efex – The Forgotten Adjustment

Did you know that Nik Silver Efex has a forgotten adjustment? To be precise, it’s more of an overlooked adjustment. Either way, if you don’t know how to use these tools properly you could be missing out. That’s why I produced this short video to help remind you of these important features.

When most people turn to Nik Silver Efex to convert an image to black and white, they tend to follow the same pattern. First they will check the available effects in the presets. If they can’t find one they like, then they turn to the Global Adjustment tools. These include adjustments such as Brightness, Contrast and Structure. But look further down the list of controls and you find the settings that relate to film simulations.

In this section the tools are reminiscent of those from traditional black and white photography.

Nik Silver Efex Film Adjustments

First we have the “Colour Filters” section where we can simulate the effect of screwing a coloured filter to the front of a camera lens. This is something that was necessary with many black and white films otherwise the images would feel flat and lack life.

Next we have the “Film Types” where we find three key groups of controls. We have the “film grain” where we can add grain to the image, giving it structure. We then have the “sensitivity” sliders where we can simulate the colour responses of different films. Finally, we have the “levels and curves” tools where we can simulate the films tonal response and range.

When you start a conversion with these tools, you will be surprised at how much you can quickly achieve. If you then enhance your image further using the Global and Local adjustment tools the results can be excellent. These forgotten adjustments in Nik Silver Efex may be just what you need to give your photography the edge.

Now watch the video.


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