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When you sign up for Lenscraft you will receive the monthly Lenscraft in Focus newsletter and course and book launch announcements. You can  use manage Your Mail Subscriptions to subscribe/unsubscribe from mailing lists at any time.

When you register for Lenscraft Membership we only ask for your name, email and password which are all securely encrypted. You can see all the information we hold on your Account Profile page. Here you can change your name, email and password as well as request your account to be closed on Lenscraft.

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Newsletter Archive

I started publishing Lenscraft Newsletters in 2008. You can access all of them in a single easy to read archive. No need to keep filing your emails.


Photo Guides & Videos

Learn about photography and image editing with these valuable guides.


Work with textures and blending to give your images for a creative and distinctive look. You will have access to a library of free textures to use in your work.

Camera Profiles

Bespoke Camera Profiles for Lightroom or Adobe Camera RAW.


Software Presets

Download valuable Lightroom Presets to use when editing your photography.


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