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It’s easy to pick up a camera and capture an image, but it’s much more difficult to produce great photography. That’s why I’ve spent years writing and developing high-quality photography books to help people create better photography. Here in the Lenscraft shop, you will find my most recently published photography books, in the most popular eBook formats.

These are full-length books the provide concise guidance on different aspects of photography. Many of the books include detailed examples with access to images files, allowing you to follow along on your own computer.

Print Photography Books

If you would like to purchase my books in print format, you can find these on the Amazon website. The print book service is not available on all Amazon websites so you may need to order from another country. Currently, you can purchase print books from,,,,, and but I understand Amazon are adding others.

You will also find links to individual print books on the Lenscraft page “Photo Editing Books by Robin”.


Photography Techniques


Adobe Photoshop Books


Adobe Lightroom Books


Affinity Photo Books


The Nik Collection Books


Photographer’s Guides

The photographer’s guides are shorter than the full-length books above. They are only available as electronic downloads from Lenscraft in the PDF format.


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