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Each month I email the “Lenscraft in Focus” photography newsletter to thousands of Lenscraft subscribers. The newsletter receives lots of great feedback, with many people tell me how much they look forward to receiving it.

Unlike many photography newsletters, this isn’t just about me; that would be far too boring. Instead, I include a mix of tutorials and interesting content that I’ve found from across the internet. I do though remember to throw in interesting news about Lenscraft as well as the odd valuable discount.

You can receive the Lenscraft in Focus photography newsletter each month, direct to your inbox by subscribing. If you want to check the content before subscribing, you can find the current and past issues below.

If you’re looking for general photography news and comment, visit the Lenscraft Photography Blog page.

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The Lenscraft in Focus photography newsletter is sent, usually on the first Saturday of the month by email. When you sign up to receive the newsletter, I want to reassure you that I will never SPAM you with lots of emails. I also won’t share your email address with anyone.

Lenscraft in Focus Newsletter

If you would like to read the current or past issues of the newsletter, you can find these below. Whenever I publish a newsletter it will appear on this page.

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