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The Lenscraft Photography News blog is where I share all things photography with readers. It could be an interesting piece of news from the photographic industry or something more personal to Lenscraft. Either way, it will make interesting reading if you’re passionate about photography.

What makes this photography blog different to many others is that I also share my personal view. This isn’t a blog that simply reproduces that same material you will find repeated across popular websites. I try things and tell you what I think works and doesn’t work.

I will be posting new material each week although sometimes it may be more or less frequent than this. The life of a Landscape Photographer can be very demanding at times, so you may need to give me a little leeway at times.

I hope you enjoy the photography news items and blog posts.


Lenscraft Blog Articles & News

Lightroom Vs Exposure X5 Digital Asset Management

The Photo Manager Battle Lightroom Vs Exposure X5

Since Adobe switched to a rental model for their software, I’m frequently asked to suggest alternatives. In this article I ...
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Nik Collection 2.5 Released

Nik Collection 2.5 Released by DxO

Nik Collection 2.5 Released by DxO It’s quite possible you’ve already seen the news. DxO has released version 2.5 of ...
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Landscape Photography Advice and Tips in 4 Photos

Landscape Photography Advice and Tips in 4 Photos

One very powerful way to improve your landscape photography is by looking at your past photos and asking, “what can ...
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Fuji 16-80 lens review

Fuji 16-80 Real Life Lens Review

Just how good is the new Fuji 16-80 lens? If you’re looking to buy one of these lenses, then you’ve ...
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new dxo photolab 3.1 launched

New DxO PhotoLab 3.1 Improvements

It’s only 8 weeks since DxO launched PhotoLab 3 with great new features (watch my review on YouTube below) and ...
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nik collection 2.3 launched

Stunning Black & White Photography with the Nik Collection 2.3

I had just opened an image to edit in the Nik Collection when I received a message. DxO has launched ...
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View across Singapore Fuji 18-135 Lens Review

The Fuji 18-135 – A Real Life Review

If there’s one thing I hate its lens reviews. You know, the type that tells you all about the sharpness ...
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Why Im Switching to Capture One Fujifilm

Switching to Capture One Fujifilm

I'm Switching to the Capture One Fujifilm RAW Converter I’ve been a long-time user of Lightroom, but I’ve decided to ...
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RAW vs JPEG which should I shoot

RAW vs JPEG Which is Best

RAW vs JPEG - Which Should I Shoot? The RAW vs JPEG debate’s been rumbling on since the early days ...
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Affinity Photo Vs Photoshop

Affinity Photo vs Photoshop

Affinity Photo vs Photoshop which is Best Wondering which of these powerful photo editors is best for you? Then I’m ...
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Photoshop Luminosity Masking course Bundle

Photoshop Luminosity Masking Course Launched

Want to achieve your best results when editing in Photoshop? Then Luminosity Masking is one of the most powerful techniques ...
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Nik Collection Download free

Nik Collection Download Free

There so much confusion and misinformation about the Nik Collection that I want to set the record straight. The simple ...
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