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The Lenscraft Photography News blog is where I share all things photography with readers. It could be an interesting piece of news from the photographic industry or something more personal to Lenscraft. Either way, it will make interesting reading if you’re passionate about photography.

What makes this photography blog different to many others is that I also share my personal view. This isn’t a blog that simply reproduces that same material you will find repeated across popular websites. I try things and tell you what I think works and doesn’t work.

I will be posting new material each week although sometimes it may be more or less frequent than this. The life of a Landscape Photographer can be very demanding at times, so you may need to give me a little leeway at times.

I hope you enjoy the photography news items and blog posts.


Lenscraft Blog Articles & News

DXO PureRAW Review

DxO Launches PureRAW

Recently I had the opportunity to test and review a pre-launch version of DxO PureRAW. This is a new product ...
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Topaz DeNoise AI Review title image

Topaz DeNoise AI Review – Real World Noise Reduction

Today I want to look at the subject of noise reduction by reviewing Topaz DeNoise AI. The Topaz Website heading ...
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Does the new super resolution photoshop feature work title image

Does the New Super Resolution Photoshop Feature Work?

In this article we explore the new Super Resolution Photoshop feature to answer the question does it really work. In ...
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My digital photo editing workflow title image

My Digital Photo Editing Workflows

Something I receive a lot of email queries about is the digital photo editing workflow I use. I’m often asked ...
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Photo editing software upgrade or not title image

Photo Editing Software: To Upgrade or Not

What I want to do in this article is share some observations about software that you might not realise. It ...
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Affiity Photo How To Book Launch

“Affinity Photo How To” Book Launch Q&A

Last week was a big week with the launch of my latest book “Affinity Photo How To”. As always when ...
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