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The Lenscraft Photography Blog is where I share all things photography with our readers. It could be an interesting piece of news from the photographic industry or something more personal to Lenscraft. Either way it will make interesting reading if you’re passionate about photography.

What makes this photography blog different to many others is that I also share my personal view. This isn’t a blog that simply reproduces that same material you will find repeated across popular website. I try things and tell you what I think works and doesn’t work.

I will be posting new material each week although sometimes it may be more or less frequent than this. The life of a Landscape Photographer can be very demanding at times, so you may need to give me a little leeway at times.

I hope you enjoy the photography blog posts.

Essential Affinity Photo Book PDF Available

Essential Affinity Photo Book PDF AvailableLast week I announced the launch of my latest book Essential Affinity Photo on Amazon. This week I’m happy to share that you can now get Essential Affinity Photo in PDF format from my Lenscraft shop. Who’s Essential Affinity...

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WOW! Frequency Equalizer 2 Released

WOW! Frequency Equalizer 2 ReleasedOne of my favourite Photoshop plugins has received a makeover. If you’ve never used it, WOW! Frequency Equalizer helps you create frequency separations. When you create a frequency separation you separate the detail in an image (high...

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Photo Retrospective 2018

Photo Retrospective 2018 As 2018 ended, I decided to review my 2018 photographs to select the twelve images that I liked best. Once I selected my 12 favourites and ranked them in order to produce my photo retrospective 2018. You can watch the video of my images below....

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Landscape Photography Photoshop Frequency Separation

Landscape Photography Photoshop Frequency Separation Possibly one of the hottest photo editing topics currently is Photoshop Frequency Separation. It’s also one of the most confusing; partly because it’s hard to understand what’s happening and partly because it sounds...

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On1 Launches Photo RAW 2019 – Worth the Price?

On1 Launches Photo RAW 2019: Worth the Price? I recently returned from an extended overseas trip. Whilst I was away, On1 Software launched Photo RAW 2019. They claimed this version was a major upgrade to their well-respected photo editor. As an existing user who...

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Affinity Photo Tutorials Launch on Youtube

Affinity Photo Tutorials Launch on Youtube Today, I’m quite excited because my new series of Affinity Photo tutorials goes live on YouTube. Well actually, the first video goes live this week. I’m then publishing another video each week, for the next five weeks. There...

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Kase Filters UK Price Cut

Kase Filters UK Price Cut I could hardly believe it when I received the email from Andrew Yu, Commercial Director. A Kase Filters UK price cut is being applied to the popular Kase Wolverine filter line. What a way to celebrate your first year in the UK by reducing the...

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Capture One Express Fujifilm Launched by Phase One

Capture One Express Fujifilm Launched If you’re a Fuji RAW shooter and have been editing your images in Lightroom, you might like me feel dissatisfied with the quality of the RAW conversions. Well help it appears is at hand from Phase One. On the 25th September 2018...

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