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Lenscraft Newsletter October 2017

Welcome to the October 2017 Lenscraft Newsletter. We will start with a recent image of the Trinnacle rock, near to where I live.

Trinnacle Rock, Saddleworth

Trinnacle Rock, Saddleworth

This is a three-image stich, shot with a Sony A7R using a Canon 16-35 L lens. The image stitching was done in Lightroom. Post processing conversion to B&W was made with Nik Silver Efex Pro. Google may have stopped developing the Nik software, but Silver Efex is still one of the most capable B&W conversion tools on the market AND ITS FREE.

Watch out for my video of this shoot which is coming soon to my You Tube Channel.

Club & Society Talks

I would like to say a big thank you to the members of York Photographic Society and Macclesfield Camera Club. I recently gave a talk to both clubs on my lightweight approach to Landscape Photography and Editing. I don’t know about the club members, but I certainly enjoyed sharing my views and experience.

Whilst I don’t do a lot of talks these days, I have a few pencilled in for early 2018:

If you are in the area and want to come along, please contact the relevant club through their website. They are always happy to receive guests although there is usually a small charge.


Latest Book & Course

In case you missed it, my latest book “Mastering Photoshop Masking” was launched on the 23rd September. This is my longest book to date, registering almost 300 pages on a Kindle and over 40,000 words. Whilst this is a longer book than usual, it’s still very much to the point, with no waffle.

Mastering Photoshop Masks Book Cover

The book is designed very much with the photographer in mind. More specifically someone who is familiar/comfortable with Photoshop but who does really use masks. The broad subject areas covered include:

  • Painting in/out adjustments using the brush tool and masks.
  • Precision masking techniques using channels.
  • Luminosity masking techniques.
  • Other selection and masking techniques including the new Adobe Photoshop Taskspace.
  • Mask adjustment techniques.

Each of these has the essential elements explained using detailed examples. This allows you to learn quickly and benefit from the techniques.

Having launched the book, I’m now working on the video course. It’s still early stages, but it’s possible this may evolve into more than one course given the scale of the subject. My aim is to have the course launch early in the new year. I will publish further information as soon as I have something a little more concrete.


Next Book

With the Mastering Photoshop Masks book complete, I have a dilemma as to which book to write next. The current choices are:

  • Lightroom Develop Module
  • Adobe Elements for Photographers (like my Essential Photoshop book)
  • Affinity Photo (again, like my Essential Photoshop book)
  • Topaz B&W
  • Other…

What I would really value is input from you in helping make my decision. I have therefore created a simple Google voting form with the above options. If you can spare 10 seconds to vote please use the link below. I would really appreciate it.



It’s the End of An Era for Me

For some time, I have been struggling to meet the demands of running Lenscraft. I receive a lot of email and I always like to respond personally. Sometimes though, it can take me more than a few days when ideally, I would like to respond same day. What perhaps many of you don’t know is that I have another successful business which has nothing to do with Photography, but which is very demanding.

I’m now at a point where I can’t maintain both. I have therefore decided to pause activity in my other business. My aim is that by the start of 2018 I will be able to concentrate almost exclusively on Lenscraft. This should free my time to redevelop the website as well as create the many new books, courses and products that people have suggested to me.


Here’s to the start of a new era of improved photography for everyone.

Print, PDF and ePub Books

To date, my books have been developed exclusively for Kindle and are sold through Amazon. I’m aware from regular emails, that there is demand for my books to be in print. This is something I’m going to explore over the next 6 months, probably starting with a trial of one or two books in the new year.

I’m also aware that not everyone want’s books in the Kindle format. Some of you have other eReaders which require the book in the ePub, PDF or another format. I have therefore started a trial at Smashwords to publish my books using alternative formats. Currently my Lightroom Sharpening book is available but I intend to trial others over the coming 6 months.


There probably won’t be a newsletter at the start of November as my daughter is getting married. All being well, I hope to be back in early December.

Until next time…

Robin Whalley

Landscape Photographer.





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