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Lenscraft Newsletter May 2016

It’s been a time of transition at Lenscraft over the past 12 months. A lot of hard work has gone into improving the Lenscraft website, making it faster and more feature rich. Now that most of the improvements are out of the way, the intention is to concentrate on adding content and making it an excellent resource for photographers everywhere.

Limestone Pavement at Sunrise

Limestone Pavement at Sunrise

New Book Coming Soon

From Photography to Art with Topaz Texture Effects

My new book is nearing completion and should launch in the next week. I had hoped to release it in April but other priorities have prevented this. The book is an insight into the Topaz Texture Effects software and how it can be used to transform photography. It takes the approach of providing a detailed explanation of all the software features. It then looks at how you might apply these to your photography through two full length worked examples. You will also be able to download the example image from the Lenscraft website so that you can follow along on your own computer.

Topaz Texture Effects Before & After

Topaz Texture Effects Before & After

Although the Topaz website provide some insightful video tutorials, the examples and information in the book go well beyond this. For example, you will learn how you can develop your own unique textures and borders using only the images that ship with the software.

Topaz Labs who develop the Texture Effects software have also confirmed they will provide a 15% discount code for readers of the book. So if you don’t yet have Texture Effects, you can save more than the price of the book by using this discount.

Keep watching your inbox during early May. I will send out an email as soon as the book is published.

New Tutorials Published

There have been three new tutorials/articles published on Lenscraft during April. These are:

  • The Landscape Photography Secret to Success – this is an extension to the popular blog post I made earlier in the month. This secret is obvious but often overlooked.
  • Advice for Better Film Scanning – this is quite a lengthy article with useful advice for anyone who has struggled with film scanning. There are a couple of tips in here that many people will find to be a revelation. For example, the difference in quality that can be achieved by changing scanning software is extremely surprising. I was shocked when I first saw this.
  • Tips for Photographing Waterfalls – a short article with helpful advice for those who like to photograph waterfalls.

Long exposure photograph of Scalber Force waterfall

Long exposure photograph of Scalber Force waterfall

A number of people have also contacted me over the past month asking how to blend and merge images together. Whilst I cover this in my Photoshop Layers book I will endeavour to cover this in a tutorial during the coming month.

You Tube Videos

Do you watch You Tube video’s as a source of photography advice? I have recently watching a few that have convinced me this is an excellent way to share photography advice whilst out in the field. If for example, if I wanted to explain how I level my tripod before shooting panoramic, I suspect it would take quite a few pages and be quite confusing. Alternatively, I could explain everything very clearly in a 5 minute You Tube video.

I have decided to try my hand at creating a few tutorial type videos whilst out shooting in the field. The intention is to show what I actually do whilst shooting Landscapes on location. I don’t know what the production quality of these will be like initially so bear with me whilst I learn. Once I have recorded one or two of these I will share them on You Tube and let you know they are available.

Nik Filters

In case you missed the important news last month, the Nik Collection of filters is now available for free download. If you haven’t done so yet, do download and install these. They will make your image editing so much easier.

Link to the Nik Collection

If you are using a micro 43 camera or other small sensor camera, do take it easy with the Nik filters. They have a tendency to show up very fine noise that can be found in these RAW files. Whilst I love the Nik Collection I have also found OnOne to produce great tools that don’t emphasise noise in quite the same way. A free download of their excellent Effects package (cut down) is also available and well worth using.

Link to On1 Effects

I hope you enjoy your photography over the coming month.



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Lenscraft Newsletter Lenscraft Newsletter May 2016