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Lenscraft Newsletter April 2016

I’m going to dispense with the usual preamble and get straight down to business. The huge news this month is…

The Nik Collection is now Free

In case you haven’t heard, Google has taken the decision to give away its entire collection of desktop editing tools. This is an amazing offer and seemingly without any catches. The only thing you need to do is download and install the tools. It’s not that far back that just the Silver Efex Pro black and white converter would have cost around £200 and the entire suite of applications upward of £500.

The only downside to these tools is that they are not stand alone and work as plug-ins for other editing tools, these being Lightroom, Photoshop and Elements. If you use any of these image editors and aren’t yet using the Nik plug-ins, you really should investigate their capabilities. I have used Nik tools for years and they can help you to produce great results with exceptional speed and ease.

Of course, I can’t leave the subject without reminding people that I have a range of books on Amazon covering the Nik Collection and workflow. The only two applications I haven’t written about are Analog Efex and HDR Efex, both of which are in my future plans.

Nik Silver Efex Pro book cover

You can find details of all the books on my Amazon Authors page.

New Gallery on Lenscraft

I have mentioned previously both here and on the Lightweightphotographer blog that I have adopted a photo project, following advice from a friend. He was saying how much his work has developed by pursuing a project and I have to agree, this is very valuable advice. It seems to be that the act of deciding to investigate and document something allows you to see with new eyes as well as making your photography more enjoyable. If you haven’t yet started a project, I would encourage you to do so.

View from Slippery moss, February 2016

View from Slippery moss, February 2016
View from Slippery moss, February 2016

Both of my personal projects are in the early stages but I decided to post some of the early moorland images as a new gallery on Lenscraft.

Latest Tutorials

I have added three tutorials to Lenscraft over the past month. These are a little longer than usual and go into greater depth on the topics:

Printing Greetings Cards – This is in response to a request from a Lenscraft Member asking how best to produce quality greetings cards using an inkjet printer.

Tripod Buyers Guide – Again, in response to a member’s request, I have documented the key points I would consider when deciding on a tripod. If you’re considering investing in a tripod, and especially if you want a sturdy, lightweight, affordable tripod, you will find some valuable tips here.

Finished wind farm image following processing

Finished wind farm image following processing
Finished wind farm image following processing

Processing the Windfarm Photograph – Describes how I produced the image above (from my Moors project). As well as describing the process I have shared the starting image (which may surprise many of you). Again, this is in response to feedback on the blog.

I hope to find time to add more tutorials during April but the priority has to go to my latest book (covering Topaz Texture Effects) which I am currently trying to complete.

I hope you enjoy a great April’s photography and see you next month.

Robin Whalley

Landscape Photographer


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