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Lenscraft Newsletter January 2016

Welcome to the Lenscraft Newsletter January 2016.

Let me start by wishing you a Happy New Year and to say that I hope you have a successful 2016 with your Photography.

Lenscraft Improvements

Over the festive period there has been a lot of activity on the Lenscraft website. Most importantly, I have been able to tackle to speed problem that has seen many members struggling to use the site. Page load times are now down to around a quarter of what they were and I’m taking additional steps in an effort to reduce them still further.

With an improvement to the speed of the site, I have been able to redesign a number of the areas. Some of the improvements you will find include:

  • Redesign of the galleries with new images added to the Recent Work page.
  • The menu system has been simplified to help those accessing the site on a phone or tablet.
  • The tutorials page has now been removed from the Members Area. All tutorials can now be found in the Tutorials area of The Hub, although you will need to be logged in as a member to view the member tutorials.
  • When logged in as a member the “Join Lenscraft” messages are removed from the site pages.

New Member Tutorials

I have recently released two new tutorials for members:

  • Focus Stacking Using Helicon Focus. This tutorial also includes access to full resolution files you can use with the trial version of Helicon Focus. If you have never tried focus stacking, I promise it will be an eye opener.
  • Focus Stacking Video. The video demonstrates how to use the Helicon Focus software using the sample files from the tutorial.

Focus Stacking Tutorial

Image used in the Focus Stacking tutorial.

Now that site speed issues have been largely resolved, I can get back to publishing more tutorials for members. Keep watching the site for new releases.

Lenscraft Mailing Lists

As part of solving the speed problems, I have replaced the original membership mailing software used to run Lenscraft. Unfortunately, I can’t carry across the mailing list from the old software. This means that every Lenscraft member is now on the new Lenscraft mailing list, even if you have previously unsubscribed. I can only apologise for this.

It’s now possible though to manage your mailing list subscriptions through your “My Account Profile” page. Here you will find a “Mailing Subscriptions” tab where you can sign up to and remove yourself from Lenscraft mailing lists. Currently there is only the “Lenscraft members” list but further subscription lists may be introduced in the future.

Don’t Forget the Blog

I know a number of people who read this newsletter also subscribe to my Lightweight Photographer Blog. If you haven’t visited the blog before, it’s where I share the latest work and thoughts. I usually post 2 or 3 times a week so if you haven’t seen it, it’s worth taking a quick look at www.thelightweightphotographer.com.

Until next month

Robin Whalley
Landscape Photographer

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Lenscraft Newsletter Lenscraft Newsletter January 2016