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Lenscraft in Focus Newsletter March 2019

Welcome to the Lenscraft in Focus newsletter March 2019. This month I have a couple of new tutorials to share with you as well as a few great online resources you might like. I also want to make an apology which is very important, especially if you are waiting for an email reply from me. I hope you enjoy this month’s newsletter.

Landscape Photography Tips That Work

I’m often asked if I have any Landscape Photography tips; you know ones that really work and make a difference. Often people expect me to talk about the best cameras or lenses to use or in rare cases, even composition. When I share the best Landscape Photography tips I know, I’m often met with disbelief or/and they change the subject to talk about gear. It’s a shame really because there are a few tips that will work for most people and they are easy. If you want to know what these are, read on…

Fixing Distorted Architecture in Lightroom

Whilst I’m a landscape photographer, I really enjoy photographing architecture. My main problem though is that I don’t like the extreme perspective distortion you get. I’m therefore always on the lookout for software solutions to help me. Recently I decided to see how good Lightroom’s Transform Tools would be at making this type of correction. The results really surprised me as this video and tutorial explain.

A Note of Apology & Explanation

This is a tough note for me to write but I need to do something. Since I started Lenscraft, I’ve made a point of responding personally to everyone who contacts me for help. I must respond personally because there’s only me in Lenscraft and I do everything. But over the past couple of years, there’s been a significant increase in the emails as well as the complexity of the requests. On any day, it’s not uncommon for me to receive requests to do portfolio reviews, develop bespoke editing plans, recommend training plans, write summaries of my books and edit people’s photos for them. I’ve always tried to accommodate as many of these as possible, but demand exceeded what I can do. Recently, for example, I spent 8 hours of my day replying to email requests before I started work. Even then, there were emails that I hadn’t replied to. Regretfully I can’t maintain the levels of support that I have in the past. I’m always happy to hear from Lenscraft members and I will always try to reply. I won’t be able to accommodate time intensive requests although I may add them to lists for possible tutorials. I do hope you understand.

Camera Club Presentations

I would like to say a big thank you to Poulton and Bacup camera clubs for their warm welcome. The members appeared to enjoy my presentations and I hope they also proved useful. I don’t have any presentations scheduled for March but in April I will be at Bishopthorpe Camera Club near York on the 16th of April. It will be my second visit to the club and I’m really looking forward to returning. I’ll announce further details in next month’s newsletter.

From Around the Web

Some of the interesting sites and photographers I’ve found this month.

Light & Landscapes

I always enjoy reading a good photography magazine, especially if it’s about Landscape Photography and free. Light & Landscape is one such magazine. The only downside is that you need to read it on an iPad or iPhone using the App. Here’s the link to the App if you haven’t seen it. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/light-landscape/id680385551?mt=8 I’ve been reading the magazine for about 18 months now and I’m a big fan. It’s only short but it’s very enjoyable.


Do you know about the photography network Redeye? When I first learned about Redeye, I thought it was another online forum. How wrong I could have been. Unfortunately, I didn’t realise this in time and missed a handmade book editing/sequencing workshop by John Blakemore. I’m still kicking myself for that one. If you don’t know about Redeye, do visit their website. https://www.redeye.org.uk/home

Photographers You May Not Know

This is the section where I like to introduce one or two photographers that you might not know. If you pay them a visit and like their work, say hi and let them know. It’s always nice to receive a compliment.

Cole Thompson

If you like powerful Black & White images, then I think you will love the photography of Cole Thompson. I can’t recall when I first saw Cole’s work, but I can recall the images and impact. It was his “The ghosts of Auschwitz” and at the time I found the photography completely different. https://colethompsonphotography.com/ But if you’re looking for more conventional landscape photography be sure to look in the portfolios section at the section called “Series”. Here you will find a diverse set of work, including the Auschwitz images I mentioned. Whilst I like all the series, I particularly like his desert scenes. I must also admit a fondness for the images of Moi on Easter Island, having been fortunate enough to have visited the island myself (many years ago).

Book, Course & Video News

Learn about the courses and books I’m currently developing.

Latest Book Essential Affinity Photo

 I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who purchased my latest book. Also, for the positive feedback emails, I’ve received. The book is available electronically and in print from Amazon. You can also purchase the electronic version from my Lenscraft website as well as Google Play, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo and a few others. Now I’m on to my nest project which you can read about below.

Next Project

With all versions of my Affinity Photo book now published, I’m returning to a project I’ve been developing for a while. It’s an advanced course on Luminosity Masking. I’ve already published an introductory course “Mastering Luminosity Masks”. This explains how to create Luminosity Masks and use them for basic adjustment and exposure blending. The new course will cover Luminosity Masking at a more advanced level. Whilst there is a short refresher section on how to create the masks, it assumes you already know this. The course will also make extensive use of a luminosity masking tool which is free to download. I won’t say much more at this stage but will share more details in a future newsletter.

Book Updates

I’ve had a few queries relating to my older books, asking if I can publish them in print. The answer to this is yes, but it will take time. The image resolution of the older books isn’t sufficient for printing. I therefore need to recreate all the images and layout for a book before I can release it in print. Whilst I’m doing this work, I also make any corrections as where possible add new content. It usually takes me a couple of months to reissue a book when I have some space in my diary. Currently, I’m working to revise Essential Photoshop, but this needs to take a lower priority to the advanced Luminosity Masking Course.

The next newsletter is published on the first Saturday in April.

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