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Lenscraft in Focus Newsletter January 2019

Happy New Year and welcome to the first Lenscraft in Focus newsletter January 2019.

To start this year, I won’t be sharing articles about goal setting and making new year resolutions. There’s enough of that on the Internet already. Instead, I want to share two articles I recently published that you might find helpful. The first is about the importance of UV filters in Landscape Photography (no I haven’t had a bang on the head) and the other is about Frequency Separation. The reason I’m so keen on these is that they come from personal experience.

Are UV Filters Important

Recently, I was trying to produce a sunburst effect in whilst photographing a sunset. You can do this by shooting with the sun in the frame and using a small aperture. In the past, this has never been a problem but on this occasion, I just couldn’t produce the effect. Every shot displayed lots of flare and I was convinced my lens was very dirty. If you want to know what caused the problem and how I fixed it, you need to read this article. It will probably reignite the debate over the importance of UV filters, but you need to know this.

The Orton Effect with Frequency Separation

Frequency Separation is one of the latest hot topics in the photo editing world and probably with good reason. By separating the detail and colours in an image, you can apply seamless repairs and adjustments to each. Unfortunately, most of the examples and explanations you see focus on retouching fashion and portrait shots. You hardly ever see it applied to landscape photography which is why I created this tutorial.

Using Photoshop

In this video tutorial, I explain how frequency separation works and how to create the separation in Photoshop. I then explain how to use it to sharpen your landscape photos and how to add a beautiful Orton Effect to your work.


Using Affinity Photo

If you’re an Affinity Photo user, don’t worry. Affinity Photo has a great Frequency Separation filter that you can use to do the same thing. I posted this video on YouTube to explain how it works and again, how to create an Orton Effect with it.

2018 Photo Retrospective

Something I have done over the Christmas period is a photo retrospective. I have been through most of my images from 2018 and selected the twelve that I like best, placing them in order. If you would like to see my selection you can watch the video on the Lenscraft Blog.


I also compiled these photos into a short eBook (PDF format). The eBook provides the camera settings for each of the images as well as details of any filters I used. If you want to download your copy, you can find it in the Lenscraft Shop in the Books, Courses and Guides section (https://lenscraft.co.uk/lenscraft-store-2/books-courses-guides/).

Camera Club Presentations

I would like to say a big thank you to the members of the Chester Photographic Society for their hospitality. Also, for putting up with my analogies between Landscape Photography and Bluegrass Banjo.

Next, it’s the turn of the “85 Group” in Hazel Grove, Stockport on the evening of the 29th January. If you’re in the area and would like to attend, please contact the club through their website below. I know they always provide a warm welcome to visitors.


I’m then giving presentations in at Poulton and Bacup in February. I will provide more details on these in next month’s newsletter.

From Around the Web

Some of the interesting sites and photographers I’ve found this month.

Fuji Confusion

As you may already be aware, I’m a Fuji user and have been shooting with Fuji cameras since 2016. Despite this, I’ve become confused by the increase in models over this time. I know the difference between the X-T and X-Pro range, but what about the others? If you find yourself in a similar situation, you might find the following short article helpful.


Photographers You May Not Know

This month I would like to share the work of German Landscape Photographer Johannes Nollmeyer. Below is a link to his portfolio on 500px which features some wonderful landscape photography. Whilst his images are impressive, it’s his forest shots that I find particularly good.


Book, Course & Video News

Now that Christmas and New Year are over, I’m back to working on the Affinity Photo book.

Affinity Photo Book

My next book, Essential Affinity Photo is progressing well, and the initial draft is complete. I’m currently refining the draft ready for editing, after which there will be final revisions and proofreading. I expect to launch the book towards the end of January or in early February and will send an update when it’s available.

Discount Reminder

Don’t forget to use the discount codes if you’re purchasing books or courses from Lenscraft. You can find the discount codes on the Members Discounts page.

Read the Lenscraft in Focus December 2018 newsletter.

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