Lenscraft in Focus April 2020 Newsletter

Welcome to the Lenscraft in Focus April 2020 newsletter.

It’s been a difficult month for many people, and I hope this reaches you in good health. In all honesty, this isn’t the newsletter I planned to write but then the world has changed overnight. Given a lot of people now have to spend time indoors I thought I would adopt a theme.

This month I’m focusing on free courses and tutorials that I managed to find or develop. This includes giving away access to one of my courses for free; I’ll explain more about this later in the newsletter.

I’m hoping this will help everyone to stay busy with something photo related over the coming month. As for me, I’m reprocessing old photos like this one.

Lenscraft in Focus April 2020 Newsletter

Urgent and Important Emails

Unfortunately for me, keeping busy isn’t a problem but being busy is. In the past few weeks, emails and queries have flooded in. I’m now receiving many times the usual number of questions. I’ve always made a point of replying personally to all emails but now I can’t keep up. For a little while at least I must prioritise the urgent problems. I will then catch up with the remaining emails as time permits.

I hope you understand, and I’ll try to get back to normal as soon as possible.

YouTube, Instagram & SlideShare

Instagram image for April 2020 newsletter

I suspect you may already know but I also publish a weekly “How to” video on YouTube. If you didn’t know, you can find my channel here.

As well as YouTube, I like to share my photos regularly on Instagram. I may not post every day, but I like to share my photos regularly. Here’s the link to my portfolio

Have you heard of SlideShare? It’s a way of sharing presentation slides. A lot of business use it but I’ve realised it’s a great way to summarise tutorials. If you want to see an example, look in the summary section of the following tutorials on Lenscraft:

So far, I’ve only produced a few SlideShare presentations, but I will do more. I’m hoping you’ll find them helpful.

Camera Club Presentations

Unfortunately, with the spread of the virus in the UK and government restrictions I’ve suspended all camera club presentations. Once life gets back to normal, I’ll publish a list of presentations here.

From Around the Web

This month, rather than only sharing snippets of interesting news I’ve included a few other things you might find useful.

DxO Webinars

DXO webinars for April 2020 newsletter

DxO are hosting free webinars throughout the month of April. There are a few different ones for both DxO PhotoLab and the Nik Collection. I’ve been told the webinars are perfect for beginners as well as seasoned photographers. They offer step-by-step workflows and tips on a wide subject range including Landscape and Nature Photography.

If you can’t make the live webinars, the DxO website also has a library of recorded webinars you can watch. Just remember there are separate sites for Nik and PhotoLab.

Here’s the schedule of upcoming webinars:


Hosted by Dan Hughes

Tuesday, April 7 – 6:00 PM GMT


Hosted by PhotoJoseph

Thursday, April 9 – 6:00 PM GMT


Hosted by PhotoJoseph

Tuesday, April 14 – 6:00 PM GMT


Hosted by Dan Hughes

Thursday, April 16 – 6:00 PM GMT


Starring DxO Ambassador Fabio Antenore

Hosted by Laurie Rubin

Thursday, April 23 – 7:00 PM GMT

You can find out more and register for events by visiting the Upcoming Webinars pages for DXO PhotoLab and the Nik Collection.

Adobe Creative Cloud Users Get 2 months Free

Another reader shared this article PetaPixel website explaining how to take advantage of the offer. I understand everyone, even existing users can use this.

11 Things You Can Do During the Coronavirus

An interesting article with a few suggestions from ePhotoZine


Nucly Free Masterclasses

Nucly sell video courses for photographers and digital artists but they also run a few masterclasses you can join for free. It’s worth a look at their website. I even managed to get one of their paid courses for free, although this offer appears to have ended.

Canson Infinity Seminars

Canson are offering a series of FREE educational videos that will help you hone your skills from capture through to print. Use the following form to register and you will be sent a link to access the videos https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScxA6WJw3o8yqXfwo3tG2EjKrXvW734elg2dbZpvQhPHYMKSw/viewform

Thinking of a New Camera

If you find yourself thinking about getting a new camera, I found this interesting article by National Geographic. It’s their top 10 compact travel cameras. But watch out, I wasn’t thinking of a new camera before I read this and now I want two.

Creative Applications of Colour Theory in Landscape Photography

The title may not be catchy but this article by Erin Babnik (previously covered in the Lenscraft January newsletter) is a valuable read.

Photographers You May Not Know – Adrian Klein

Adrian Klein newsletter image

Adrian is based in Portland, Oregon (fantastic city – I’ve only been one and would love to go back) and other than that, I don’t know much. When you have a spare moment, it’s worth exploring the galleries on his website https://www.adrianklein.com/. He has some impressive landscape and nature images, but I particularly liked the “Mountains & Lakes” and “Forest & Flower” galleries. The images have a very natural quality to them which I really like.

Books & Course News – Free Course

Mount Sefton Course Free Offer April 2020

Until the end of April Lenscraft subscribers can get my course “Get the Image from Start to Finish – Mount Sefton” for free. To watch the course, which includes a downloadable book and a practice image, visit my Lenscraft Training website using this link (https://lenscraft.teachable.com/courses).

Enrol in the Mount Sefton course using the discount code STAYINDOORS. This code discounts the course to be free and is valid until the end of April 2020.

Please don’t share this discount with others. It’s a gift for Lenscraft subscribers only. If nonsubscribers start to use the course, I’m afraid that I’ll have to withdraw it as the course is still on sale elsewhere. If you know someone who wants to use the code, just ask them to subscribe to my website first.

Amazon Print Books

I’ve recevied quite a few emails recently about the long delivery times for my print books. Amazon shows the books are usually dispatched within 4 days but may take over a month to arrive. I understand this is because Amazon is prioritising deliveries.

I’m sorry but, I don’t have any control over this and I don’t hold personal stocks that I can send out.

Lightroom Course

Alongside a couple of book projects, I’ve started developing a Lightroom video course. I hope to share more about this in next month’s newsletter.

Until next month, stay indoors and stay safe.

Robin Whalley

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