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IMPORTANT: This book applies to version of Photoshop supporting Layers. DO NOT buy this book if you only have access to Elements or Lightroom.

Adobe Photoshop is the primary editing tool for many photographers wishing to enhance their work. Photoshop is flexible and powerful but this can make it difficult to achieve consistently good results. If you want to achieve consistent professional results you need to use professional techniques. Layers, together with Layer Masks and Layer Blending Modes are the tools of the professional image editors. If you can’t use these tools properly your results your photography will be severely limited.

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This book is specifically designed to meet the needs of photographers wishing to enhance their work. It will present everything you need to know about integrating layers, masks and blending modes into your image editing. It will deliver the essential, key learning points in an easy to understand text that will allow you quickly adopt these tools.

The book is structured into three sections:

  • Section 1 – explains how to work with layers and how you should combine these into your Photoshop editing.
  • Section 2 – looks at masks and how you can create these to target specific areas of your images with adjustments. You will learn how to create both simple and complex masks using fast, easy to apply techniques. The section concludes with a worked example demonstrating how to combine two images seamlessly.
  • Section 3 – examines the most useful blending modes that can be applied to layers and how these can be used creatively. This then goes on to look at how texture files can be blended with photography to produce digital artwork.

Supporting the book is a collection of images which can be downloaded from Lenscraft. These are the same images used throughout the book to illustrate exercises that you can follow on your own computer.

The book contains 17 learning exercises, 3 full length worked examples for you to follow and 116 illustrations. At over 27,000 words this is not a long book in comparison to many bloated Photoshop text but all the essential elements are clearly explained.

Don’t waste your valuable time reading through worthless filler material. Read this book first.

IMPORTANT: The book assumes a working basic knowledge of Photoshop. If you don’t have a basic understanding this is not the book for you. Please consider my highly rated book “Essential Adobe Photoshop CC” .

Learn about the many tools of the Photoshop Layers window and how to use them in your photo editing.

Photoshop Layers Window tools

Discover how to use powerful Blending Options and Layer Styles to make photo editing easier.

Blending Options and Layer Styles in Photoshop

Follow the detailed exercises to learn how to use layers to transform your photography.

Using Photoshop layers to blend artistic backgrounds

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What Other Readers Say

Simple informative understandable. Lifts the veil of ignorance I have struggled for some years to understand the various techniques  I am over eighty a lifetime of film behind me, at last I begin to see the light.

Donald Crabtree

This is an excellent introduction to a core function of Photoshop. Unlike many books which target graphic artists, Robin focuses on what a photographer needs to know. Layers are the main reason to use Photoshop and this book provides a quick start for photographers.

Edward Richards

Excellent book which takes you through the process of layers from start to finish. I had struggled with this concept before i read the book, and although i would not claim to be an expert afterwards, i certainly can now find my way around them and use them to improve my photos.

Jill Bramley

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The book is available in three formats:

  • Standard PDF
  • ePub format used by many eBook readers
  • Kindle MOBI format

You can also select to download all three formats at no extra cost (download in a single zip file) .

The PDF version of this book has 126 pages.

The page count in other formats will vary depending on the format and the eReader.

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Download a sample section from the book.

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