Dramatic Black & White Photography Using Nik Silver Efex Pro 2

Covers DxO and Google versions of Nik Silver Efex Pro

Nik Silver Efex Pro 2 quickly gained an enthusiastic following amongst photographers’ keen to produce dramatic black and white photography. Today, it still enjoys a strong following and for good reason. It helps you to quickly produce photographs that could take many hours using other photo editors. Despite this, a lot of photographers still don’t realise the full potential of their work.

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The secret to success with Nik Silver Efex Pro is like most things in life. It’s knowing what to do to achieve the desired outcome. This is where this book can help you.

Contained in this book are four full length examples, detailing image conversions using Nik Silver Efex Pro 2. To support the worked examples, you can download the starting images from the Lenscraft website and follow my editing on your own computer.

This book will help you achieve dramatic black & white conversions with your images.

Learn every control in the Silver Efex software. Not by using vague descriptions, but by examining the effect of the controls on actual images.

Nik Silver Efex Pro interface

Understand which sliders to use to achieve specific results.

Setting the Silver Efex Pro Structure slider to -100

Discover the best order to apply adjustments and how to use correctly use the Nik Control Points.

Using Control Points in Silver Efex Pro

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What Other Readers Say

This book is a great guide to using Nik Silver Efex to produce monochrome images that have impact. It explains that there is much more potential to fine tune an image other than just using the pre-sets and that the user can control and adjust the effects to produce the desired monochrome image. This is yet another concise book from Robin with excellent information.

Ian Bramwell

I often find that a book, however well written and technically accurate fails to demonstrate the techniques used in the examples, not for lack of technical proficiency on the part of the author but rather, for the lack of corresponding images upon which the reader can ‘practice’ the examples shown in the book. I find this essential for mastery of the material, as looking at some before and after image in the text can never compare with actual changes that are visible if one is actually working with the images. This book is not only technically helpful, but the author, by providing sample images for download makes the material easier to master than simply reading a book

I recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn to navigate the Nik Silver Efex by actually ‘doing’ rather than reading about it.

Laz Valdes

Of all of the books that Robin has created & that I have purchased, this is the one that has probably benefited me the most. Part of this simply has to do with what a useful program this piece of NIK software really is, but more to the point, Robin’s book detailing its many nuances & features has really turned my monochrome images from being dull & flat, into ones with much more tonality & dynamic range. It is probably the part of NIK software that I use & appreciate more than any other.

Jed Orme

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The PDF version of this book has 136 pages.

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Download a sample section from the book.

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