The Photographers Guide to Image Sharpening in Lightroom

How to Achieve Razor Sharp Images Like the Professionals

Have you ever looked at a professional photographer’s images and wondered how they achieve the quality they do?

How come the image is so sharp? Why are there no sign of noise?

And why does the image have a feeling in depth that your images don’t?

If you have ever found yourself asking these questions, then this book can provide you with answers.

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Many Photographers use Lightroom to process their images, concentrating on aspects like tone and colour. But then they don’t apply that final 10% of “polish” that makes so much difference. They don’t invest the effort required to get the sharpening and noise reduction right. Instead, they push a few sliders around in Lightroom’s Detail panel, hoping they got it right. From the many queries I’ve answered, I believe most people don’t understand the core principles behind how sharpening works in Lightroom.

If you recognise yourself in this description, don’t worry, help is at hand.

Although this book is concise, it conveys everything you need to know to help you produce excellent results. In addition to detailed, easy to understand explanations there are three full length worked examples. You also have access to the original RAW files (in DNG format) together with the sharpened full resolution images.

Accompanying the book is a 1.5-hour video course for which you will receive full free access. This is a complete package designed to help you achieve results fast.

Follow the advice, master the skills and your images will take on that “polished” finish others notice.

Learn the three-stage sharpening workflow that Lightroom’s build around.

before and after lightroom sharpening comparison

Understand how to avoid common problems with sharpening and noise reduction.

applying selective noise reduction in lightroom

Discover when to accept imperfect results to produce a better finished image.

before and after comparison close up from the lightroom sharpening book

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What Other Readers Say

Image sharpening in Lightroom seems straightforward enough, until the power of the software becomes evident and you see that your product looks overprocessed and unflattering. I enjoyed this book because it provided an approach that is easy to follow while developing an understanding of what the Lightroom tools were doing. My photos look much more life-like and unprocessed since I applied what I learned here. Well worth the investment.

Michael Joiner

I have invested in a number of Robin’s books and each one has been easy to read and very illuminating. Too many authors explain what to do without shedding any light on why. Robin explains things clearly and succinctly and includes information to allow the reader to understand what others leave as a box of magic; be that the camera or the software. I now understand not just what should be done, but what to look out for when I am sharpening my images. I wholeheartedly recommend his books (and videos).

Lois Newell

Lightroom has a set of very effective tools to help you sharpen your images, but do you know how to use them to their full potential? Save yourself lots of headscratching and trial and error. Get yourself a copy of this book, work through the examples, and you will soon be well equipped to tackle all your sharpening problems.

Ian Parkinson

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The PDF version of this book has 110 pages.

The page count in other formats will vary depending on the format and the eReader.

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Download a sample section from the book.

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