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Today, if you want to create impressive breathtaking photography having excellent photo editing skills is essential. Unfortunately, learning these skills can often be difficult. Often photographers who are “in the know” are reluctant to share their hard-won knowledge. And even when someone is willing to share vital information, they often struggle to put it across in an understandable way.

In these online video courses Robin Whalley takes you through developing the skills you need to create great photography. In the direct, information style that’s made his YouTube channel so popular, Robin delivers concise lessons, designed to help you learn with relative ease.

Each course delivers a well-structured set of concise lessons, making it easy to fit the course around a busy schedule. Stop and restart at any time with the easy to use curriculum planner.

100% No Risk

All courses carry a full 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your course for any reason just let me know and I will refund you.

The Photographers Guide to Using Luminosity Masks

Learn to apply Luminosity Masks to all kinds of editing tasks in Photoshop and improve the quality of your results. Rather than focus on the process of creating the masks, this course gives priority to their use. In addition, the course introduces you to advanced techniques that you can use to combine and refine your Luminosity Masks, going way beyond what many other courses offer.

The Photographers Guide to Using Luminosity Masks

More than 4.5 hours of high-quality HD video lessons guide you through the many aspects of editing photos with Luminosity Masks.

You can also find this course at a discount in the Photoshop Luminosity Mask Bundle.

Mastering Photoshop Luminosity Masking

Many people like to make these techniques appear overly complex. Allow me to show you how simple they can be and how easy Luminosity Masks are to create. You’ll be amazed at what we can achieve following this course.

Mastering Photoshop Luminosity Masking course Image

Together, we will work on two class projects for which you can download the high-resolution TIFF images. There is a beautiful landscape sunrise.

You can also find this course at a discount in the Photoshop Luminosity Mask Bundle.

Photoshop Luminosity Mask Bundle

Get two great Photoshop Luminosity Masking courses with a discount. The first course introduces you to Luminosity Masks, describing how to create them and a couple of ways to use them. The second intermediate course shows in detail how to use Luminosity Masks to achieve brilliant Photoshop adjustments.

Photoshop Luminosity Mask Bundle

Mastering Photoshop Channel Masking

This course will help you learn and master the essential skills of channel masking. All the skills you need to create and refine complex masks are explained in full. Working with the images you see in the videos you can follow each lessons step by step; all the image files are provided. The course also includes two full length examples, again with sample images for you to follow.

Photoshop Channel Masking Course Image

Mastering Nik Viveza for Beautiful Colour Photography

This course provides you with hard won experience and advice about how to get the most out of Nik Viveza. The course will take the beginner and intermediate user through to an advanced level of editing. Learn just what’s possible with the power of Nik Viveza.

Mastering Nik Viveza

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