Essential Adobe Photoshop CC

The easy way to learn Adobe Photoshop

Most people would love to use Adobe Photoshop but find it somewhere between difficult and impossible to learn. If you’re one of them, this book can help you. Photoshop can be easy to learn by understanding a few essential tools and techniques.

You need to stop trying to remember how to use lots of complicated tools. Instead, focus your attention on learning the essentials that make Photoshop easy to use. Follow this book’s chapters, completing the exercises and you’ll soon be editing photos as though you’ve been using the software for years.

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This book is carefully organised into a series of lessons, each exploring an essential editing tool or technique. As you progress, each new lesson builds on the previous one, helping minimise repetition, saving you time and making Photoshop easy. It also allows you to go in depth into the areas that are important.

Throughout the book there are many examples and exercises for you to follow. You can download the practice photos for these from my website, allowing you to follow along on your own computer. By the end of this book you will be confidently using Adobe Photoshop CC to edit your photos.

This is a comprehensive and concise guide to learning Adobe Photoshop CC. You don’t need to wade through hundreds of pages trying to understand how to edit a photo. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete novice or have some experience of Adobe Photoshop CC, this book could help improve your photo editing.

This book could be your best investment in learning Photoshop.

Learn how layers form the backbone of Photoshop and how to use them to improve your editing​.

Essential Adobe Photoshop CC What Youll learn 1 how to use layers

Discover retouching techniques to clean up dust spots, as well as more complex tasks like duplicating and moving objects in a photo.

Essential Adobe Photoshop CC What Youll learn 2 removing and moving objects

Learn how to apply important techniques like Dodging and Burning to transform your photos.

Essential Adobe Photoshop CC What Youll learn 3 improving photos with dodge and burn

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Praise for the previous edition of this book…

Essential Photoshop has stopped me from swearing loudly and vigorously at the screen with the very imminent and rapid departure of my computer through the window. With the help of this superbly written book, i can now approach Photoshop calmly and far more productively.

Adrian Mottram

Forget those daunting tomes costing £30 or more. Skip those gimmicky, superficial, magazine articles. Instead, spend a fiver on ” Essential Photoshop” and learn the basics, step by step, from first principles. Containing no gimmicks or unnecessary diversions, Robin`s excellent, concise book, will give you the confidence you need to make Photoshop work for you.

Ian Parkinson

I have been trying to learn some Photoshop to take my photography to the next level. Robin’s book was the first that made sense of Photoshop and taught me the basics. I plan on buying more.

Michael Slaunwhit

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