Affinity Photo How To

Tools and techniques for serious photo editing

Are you ready to improve your skills and knowledge of Affinity Photo?

If you ever find yourself wondering how to do something in Affinity Photo, then this book is for you. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or advanced Affinity user, you are likely to discover something you didn’t know by reading this book.

In Affinity Photo How To you will learn how to perform common tasks such as how to crop a photo, how to sharpen an image or how to create a mask. But in doing so you will learn much more than just a collection of simple techniques.

Each chapter of the book focusses on a different activity, and using instructive exercises, explains how Affinity Photo works. Importantly, it links what might seem unrelated activities together, to build your understanding and editing skill in Affinity Photo. By the end of this book, you will find you are delving deep into Affinity Photo to perform tasks such as easily creating complex selections and masks.

What may seem like a simple topic will probably delve much deeper into Affinity Photo than you imagine.

Accompanying the many exercises in this book are sample files. You can download these from the authors website, allowing you to follow along in your own copy of Affinity Photo.

Packed with tips and advice, this book is a valuable resource for all users of Affinity Photo.

How to customise almost every aspect of the Affinity interface.

Affinity Photo How To interface

Discover how blending modes work and how you can use these with different Affinity Photo tools.

Affinity photo How to How Blending modes work

Understand how to use the Refine Selection dialog to greatly improve the accuracy of a selection automatically.

Affinity Photo How To Refine Selection

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The book is available in three formats:

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The PDF version of this book has 333 pages.

The page count in other formats will vary depending on the format and the eReader.

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Download a sample section from the book.

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