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Read the latest News from the world of photography on Lenscraft. Find out what’s happening in Landscape Photography and read about the latest photo editing developments. Selected articles will be of interest to Lenscraft readers and members. Lenscraft concentrates on the photographic genera of Landscape Photography. We will though from time to time include other news articles of general photographic interest.

We don’t cover general photography and gear reviews here unless there is an element of interest for Lenscraft members. All visitors to Lenscraft are free to read and enjoy the news articles.

Photography News Listing

Below is a list of all the Lenscraft articles appearing in the Photography News category.



Kase Filters UK Price Cut

Kase Filters UK Price Cut I could hardly believe it when I received the email from Andrew Yu, Commercial Director. A Kase Filters UK price cut is being applied to the popular Kase Wolverine filter line. What a way to celebrate your first year in the UK by reducing the...

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