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Printing is one of the most frustrating aspects of photography. Many people I know have given up in disgust because their prints don’t match what they see on screen. Even when sending their photos to a printing company they aren’t always right. I’ve had people contact me for help after spending lots of money to achieve poor results. In many cases, I’ve been able to help them using the advice in these Photo Printing Tutorials.

Often the problems you experience when trying to print are down to mistakes in one or more of the following:

Even if you send your images to a printing service, the above problems can affect the quality and accuracy of the prints. In short, you still need the advice in these photo printing tutorials.

Visit Lenscraft to improve your printing with this collection of free photo printing tutorials.

About the Lenscraft Photo Printing Tutorials

When I started Lenscraft it was to publish my own photography, just like millions of other photographers. But then people started asking how I edited my photos and so I started publishing tutorials. Over time I realised there was a lot of misinformation circulating about photo editing and it became my mission to address this.

In the Photo Printing Tutorials on Lenscraft, you will find the essential information that you need to know to produce great prints. It doesn’t matter if your printing at home or sending your photos to someone else to print. I’ve written all the tutorials from a “hands-on” perspective with a view to making them practical. I’ve also stripped out all the worthless fluff you often find in tutorials. These tutorials cut to the facts.

Can’t Find What You Need

I’m adding to the Lenscraft Photo Printing Tutorials as time permits. Many of the tutorials I publish on Lenscraft have come from reader requests. If there’s something print based that you’re interested in, why not let me know. I may be able to develop a tutorial on the topic.

Why not head over to my contact page and get in touch.

Photo Printing Tutorial Listing

Below is a list of all Lenscraft tutorials in the Photo Printing category.

Mac OS Photo Printing Problem

Mac OS Photo Printing Problem Recently I found myself in a complete panic when I suffered a serious photo printing problem on my Mac. Fortunately, I was able to resolve it, but I wasted a lot of time and money in the process. Then scarily, one of my friends...

Inkjet Paper for Photo Printing

Selecting Inkjet Paper for Photo Printing Let’s face it the cost of inkjet printing isn’t cheap. But being able to print your photos can bring pleasure and add an extra dimension to your photography. Often, it’s only when you hold the finish printing your hands that...

Photo Printer Setup

Photo Printer Setup Have you ever tried to print your own photographs but given up in frustration? If you have then you’re in good company. I know many photographers who have tried and failed . I too struggled for years when trying to make prints. Fortunately I ...

Printing Greetings Cards

Printing Greetings Cards This tutorial describes how to print your own high quality greetings cards using an inkjet printer. If you would like to know more about printing in general, there are more tutorials on Lenscraft or you might like to consider my book...

What Printer Profile Should I Use

What Printer Profile Should I Use If you came to this tutorial because you were searching for an answer to the question “what printer profile should I use”, it’s likely that you are not entirely familiar with printer profiles (also sometimes referred to as ICC...

My Prints Don’t Match my Screen

Help, My Prints Don’t Match my Screen I often get contacted by photographers frustrated and complaining “my inkjet prints don’t match my screen display”. Sometimes they have spent significant sums of money having prints made and when they...

Printing from Lightroom

Printing from Lightroom I think it’s fair to say that most photographers have or will try their hand at making a print of their work at some time, typically using an inkjet printer. From what I can see on the internet and from the conversations I have had around...

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