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Photo editing is at the core of producing great photography today. Without good photo editing skills, you simply can’t compete with the best photographers. Because of this, many photographers are reluctant to share their hard-won skills and knowledge. At the same time, there’s a lot of misinformation circulated. Often this is because people are embarrassed to admit they don’t know better. Sometimes people are just repeating the mistakes of others.

This is one of the reasons I changed the direction of Lenscraft. I wanted to focus on providing tutorials for photographers of all levels. Especially those photographers who have tried but struggled to learn in the past.

Learn Photo Editing Skills with Lenscraft

If you quickly want to learn how to edit your photos, Lenscraft can help. I have a wide range of free and paid resources. You will find lots of free photo editing tutorials on the site. These are covering many of the most popular software editing packages. And if you can’t find quite what you’re looking for, why not contact me. I often answer people’s questions by developing new tutorials for the site.

Start by reading the Mac and PC Photo Editors page for ideas of the best photo editing packages available.

Photo Editing Tutorial Listing

Below is a list of all Lenscraft tutorials in the Photo Editing category.

Capture One Plugins and the Nik Collection

Capture One Plugins and the Nik Collection Are you aware that Capture One now supports using Plugins? Phase One who develops Capture One introduced support for Plugins in version 12 of their software. Interestingly, it isn’t just the Pro version of Capture One that...

On1 Photo RAW Workflow – Filter Order

On1 Photo RAW Workflow – Does Filter Order Matter Let’s be honest, the On1 Photo RAW workflow can be confusing. There are the Development tools, Local adjustments, Layers, and Effects. Each one has a huge array of tools and you can use these in an almost infinite...

Which Lightroom Alternative is Right for You

Which Lightroom Alternative is Right for You? Are you looking for a viable Lightroom alternative to help manage your photography? If you are, you’re not alone. Since Adobe moved Lightroom to be subscription-only, many photographers have been searching for an...

Choosing Photo Editing Software

Choosing Photo Editing Software Although we don’t often recognise it, choosing photo editing software for your PC or Mac is a very personal thing. What suits one person won’t suit another, and it’s made even more complicated by the choice of editors now available. To...

Adobe Lightroom Alternative: ACDSee

Adobe Lightroom Alternative: ACDSee Back in the distant history of time (before 2007) Adobe Lightroom didn’t exist. If you wanted to manage your digital image library, you needed library management software, which was quite expensive. Today, things have changed, and a...

On1 Masking Tools Explained

On1 Masking Tools Explained Following my recent demonstration on YouTube of the On1 Photo RAW editor, I have received a lot of questions. Most of these are relating to the On1 Masking Tools. What are the sliders doing, how do they work and how do I know what to do...

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