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Each month I publish the Lenscraft in Focus Newsletter. I email the newsletter to all the members of Lenscraft as well as subscribing guests. Each issue has lots of valuable information and highlights some of the information I publish on other channels.

Anyone can read the last three newsletters by visiting the newsletters page. But only Lenscraft members have access to the Lenscraft Newsletter Archive. There you will find all the Lenscraft newsletters that I’ve published dating back to the first one.

The Lenscraft in Focus Newsletter isn’t like other newsletters though. Each month I spend time searching the internet for valuable and helpful information about photography. When I publish the newsletter I also include links to the best of the articles, websites and photography I found.

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About the Lenscraft Photography Newsletter

When I started Lenscraft it was to publish my own photography, just like millions of other photographers. But then people started asking how I edited my photos and so I started publishing tutorials. Over time I realised there was a lot of misinformation circulating about photo editing and it became my mission to address this.

Can’t Find What You Need

If you have an idea you would like to see published in the Lenscraft newsletter, why not contact me. Many of the articles I publish have come from reader suggestions.

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Lenscraft in Focus Newsletter Listing

Below is a list of all the Lenscraft newsletters published since the new site was established. For a complete listing of all newsletters including PDF’s from the old Lenscraft site, please see the Newsletter Archives page.

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