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Although many photographers have switched to digital, a lot of us still like to shoot film, even if it’s just for pleasure. Film has a special look that’s difficult to replicate digitally but it’s also quite challenging to shoot. The film photography tutorials on Lenscraft will deal with different aspects of film photography using a hybrid approach.

The hybrid approach I adopt when using film involves shooting and processing but then scanning to digitise the image. Printing is digital, using an inkjet printer, but the approach is the same as that described in the Lenscraft photo printing tutorials. These film photography tutorials therefore don’t cover this. Instead, they will focus on the areas of:

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About the Lenscraft Film Photography Tutorials

When I started Lenscraft it was to publish my own photography, just like millions of other photographers. But then people started asking how I edited my photos and so I started publishing tutorials. Over time I realised there was a lot of misinformation circulating about photo editing and it became my mission to address this.

In the Film Photography Tutorials on Lenscraft, you will find the essential information that you need to know. I’ve written all the tutorials from a “hands-on” perspective with a view to making them practical. I’ve also stripped out all the worthless fluff you often find in tutorials. These tutorials cut to the facts.

Can’t Find What You Need

I’m adding to the Lenscraft film Photography Tutorials as time permits. Many of the tutorials I publish on Lenscraft have come from reader requests. If there’s something film based that you’re interested in, why not let me know. I may be able to develop a tutorial on the topic.

Why not head over to my contact page and get in touch.

Film Photography Listing

Below is a list of all Lenscraft articles in the Film Photography category.


Advice for Better Film Scanning

Advice for Better Film Scanning Being able to successfully digitise film images using a film scanner is something of an art and can be very frustrating. Part of the reason for this is that people fail to appreciate and take control of all the variables involved. This...

VueScan Scanner Calibration

VueScan Scanner Calibration In this tutorial I will explain how you can use VueScan to calibrate your scanner and produce a bespoke film ICC profile. This will improve the accuracy of your colour film scanning. It’s something a specialist will charge you a lot of...

Improved Black and White Film Scanning

Improved Black and White Film Scanning In this tutorial I’m going to explain an alternative approach that could improve your black and white film scanning. Using this approach has allowed me to improve the detail and sharpness of my film scanning. I hope it can help...

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