Camera Filters for Landscape Photography

Whilst some claim digital has negated the need for camera filters in landscape photography, it hasn’t. Yes, digital can offer the alternative approach of image blending, but this can be both difficult and time-consuming. By using camera filters, you can achieve the correct exposure in camera. Also, some camera filters such as long exposure and polarising filters are very difficult, if not impossible to reproduce digitally.

But you can’t just use any old camera filters if you want to achieve good results. Take the simple neutral density filter as an example. It has neutral in the name because it’s supposed to have no effect on the photograph. Despite this, many of the filters on the market today create an unwanted colour cast.

Another problem to be aware of is scratching. Many camera filters use optical resin which scratches easily. Often you can’t see these scratches, but they quickly cover the surface of the filter. This then causes flare when the sun strikes the filter surface.

Kase Wolverine Glass Filters

Kase Wolverine are high-quality photographic filters made from glass. But unlike regular glass filters, Kase Wolverine and made from toughened glass. They are shatterproof and scratch resistant. When they get wet as they inevitably will, water rolls off their surface. They are very neutral; even the long exposure filters don’t produce a colour cast. But best of all, you don’t need to worry about flare, even when shooting towards the sun.

You can purchase from the range of Kase Wolverine filters and kits from the Lenscraft shop.

Camera Filters Listing

Below is a list of all the camera filters on Lenscraft.


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