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Mastering Nik Viveza (2nd Ed.)

This is the 2nd edition of my popular and highly rated book. It has been updated with new material and additional examples. Learn how to control tone and colour in your photography using this popular plug in.

This book is provided as a PDF download.

The Landscape Photographers Guide to Filters

Many photographers interested in shooting Landscape images often find their results disappoint. Often this is down to something as simple as filter choice.

This book is provided as a PDF download.

Working with Lightroom Presets


The Working with Lightroom Prests guide covers a number of the features in Lightroom describing how these can be used to help you work with and manage your preset.

This book is provided as a PDF download.

Video Courses

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Streaming HD video courses is very demanding on websites. That’s why I created Lenscraft Training as a separate website. It’s been specially designed to meet the high demands of providing high quality video training over the internet.

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