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I’m always happy to hear from Lenscraft visitors everywhere and like to help answer those frustrating photographic questions when I can. Often it’s your emails that give me new ideas for articles and videos.

IMPORTANT: Please Read First

Every day I receive dozens and sometimes hundreds of email requests. Because of the volume, I must prioritise answering questions where people need support with my books and courses. I can’t provide feedback about your photography, discuss general advice or give technical support.

If you send me an email and then resolve your problem, please let me know. I spend a lot of time investigating problems that I don’t need to, when I could be helping others.

I do read every email, but the volume I now receive prevents me from writing individual replies. Where a topic appears popular, I try to produce a video or tutorial on the subject, but this can take time as I have a long list of requests.

Thank you for your understanding.

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