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I have always loved photography but I didn’t buy my first camera until 2000. Unfortunately, I listened to people who told me photography was difficult and SLR cameras were hard to use. What a mistake.

Good information was hard to find at the time. The magazines, much like now, just repeat the same articles with little real content. The Internet whilst growing in popularity still wasn’t a good source and people tended to guard their secrets. I spent much of my time reading any books about photography and image editing as well as continuously experimenting.

As I learned I wanted to share my work with others and so established But then, I decided that just showing my work wasn’t what I wanted to do. I wanted to help others develop and improve their own work. That’s when I changed the Lenscraft website into a free learning resource for Photographers everywhere, which I fund through the sale of my books and courses.

But the information I provide isn’t limited to the Lenscraft website. You can watch my videos on YouTube, read my thoughts on The Lightweight Photographer Blog and view videos on my Lenscraft on-line training. I hope you take time to visit these different sites, you might be in for some pleasant surprises.

Robin Whalley

Landscape Photographer

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