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Welcome to the Lenscraft in Focus August 2022 newsletter.

This past month has been very quiet photography wise, and I haven’t ventured out. Instead, I focused on writing new content and publishing videos ahead of yet another (postponed) family holiday. This time Bruges in Belgium.

Bruges, Belgium

What a beautiful place and I certainly intend to return for some serious photography.

My other focus was trying to trace the missing image problem affecting some newsletter readers. I have made progress with this which you can read below, but I won’t say that it’s fixed. At least not until I have the results from this newsletter.

Other than that, you’ll find plenty of photography news and articles in this month’s newsletter.

I hope you enjoy it.


Missing Images Update

I apologise for the continuing saga and disruption. I fully expected last month’s newsletter would see an improvement following the success in the previous issue. Unfortunately, the problem returned.

Thank you to everyone who emailed to let me know, and I’m sorry I haven’t been able to respond personally to you all. Your input helps me in tracking down the issue as well as knowing that it isn’t yet fixed.

Since then, I’ve been working with a few people (Apple and Windows users) who reported the problem and we’ve had a minor breakthrough. After a lot of testing, we were finally able to replicate the problem and create an email with a missing image. More importantly we then fixed it.

I won’t say anymore except that I’ve applied the same fix in this newsletter in the hope that it will work. If you have experienced problems in the past, please let me know if this has worked for you or not.

Thank you again for your patience and support.

New Lenscraft Content

Over the past month I’ve focused on publishing new tutorials and updating old ones. Here’s the list of what you can find on Lenscraft.

DxO PureRAW 2.1
A few days ago, DxO released DxO PureRAW 2.1. This is a free upgrade for owners of PureRAW 2 which was released in March 2022. The headline improvements in this…
The Best Image Resizing Software: Topaz Gigapixel AI vs ON1 Resize AI
In recent years we’ve seen an explosion of photo editing software using AI or artificial intelligence. One popular application of this technology is in image resizing. Many of the packages…
DxO FilmPack 6.3 Released
The other day, I realised that I hadn’t looked at FilmPack 6 since I purchased it last year. Now that FilmPack 6.3 has now been released, I decided it was…
Easy Double Exposure Photography with the Nik Collection
Double Exposure Photography is a popular technique used by many fine art photographers. It can produce striking visual effects that add an additional layer of interest to what might otherwise…
Two Simple Techniques for Creating Luminosity Masks in Affinity Photo
In the past, I’ve produced tutorials and videos trying to help with this problem. Whilst they work, they aren’t always easy to follow, and they aren’t very flexible. So, I’ve…

Affinity Photo Free Course

Here’s the updated list of lessons in my free YouTube course for Affinity Photo. If you’ve been watching, I hope that you’re enjoying the videos.

The lessons published to date are:

I’m now at the point where I’ve covered the material I intended to and I’m wondering what next. If you have an idea that you think would make good lessons do let me know ([email protected]).

The only requirement is that the subject must be for Affinity Photo beginners and have broad appeal.

From Around the Internet

A selection of interesting photography related resources from the internet.

Drobo Files for Bankruptcy Protection

I’ve long been a fan of Drobo to store my photo library. I have two aging units, one of which probably needs replacing soon. When I read this article in DPreview, it left me a little concerned.


Apparently, Drobo has filed for bankruptcy protection. I’m not sure what I will do next, but I will share the details once I decide.

Sea Monster Art

Have you heard what’s happening at Weston-Super-Mare? My only visit to town was about 10 years ago when I had a memorable cup of tea that was salty. It tasted like it was made using sea water. Now I have a reason to return (but I’ll avoid the same café) because I want to see and photograph this project. It looks fantastic.


Amateur Photographer – Olympus EM5

I was recently asked by Amateur Photographer magazine to share my thoughts about the Olympus EM5 camera. Here’s what I had to say.

“I first used the E-M5 at an Olympus experience day in 2013 and immediately bought one. A couple of years later, I bought another and had it converted to shoot infrared. I still own and use both today. The E-M5 combines three important things I look for from a camera - quality, compact size, and impressive handling.

Furthermore, it’s a joy to use. You may not think it’s a landscape camera, but you must not write it off for this purpose. The practical size and weight allow me to carry it in a small shoulder bag with a couple of lenses, whilst wearing a backpack on long treks. I also consider it an ideal travel camera. I’ve taken my pair all over the world, using them in the most inhospitable conditions you can imagine. The excellent image stabilisation aids low light working and pairing it with excellent glass such as the Olympus 12-40mm F2.8 Pro produces superb results. I’m still selling images shot with it today.

To see more of Robin’s images, visit lenscraft.co.uk or follow him on Instagram @robin_whalley.”

I believe the full article was published a couple of weeks back.

Photography News 100

Photography News recently turned 100 (issues that is). You can read issue 100 here.


They are also having a free prize draw which you can enter here


and which closes 2 September 2022. There are some great prizes on offer.

Photographers You May Not Know – Linda Lashford

Please take a moment to visit Linda Lashford’s website and view her portfolio of work. She has produced some stunning photos which conveys quality and an excellent vision. Her work is very different to a lot of the images we see today, which I think makes it even more attractive. The “Beach” gallery is particularly good and evokes a strong sense of being present in the moment.


Books & Course News

Latest book and course news.

The Easy Way to an Organised Photo Library

A guide for Adobe Lightroom Classic CC

My latest book “The Easy Way to an Organised Photo Library” should be live within the next two weeks. I can’t be more specific as I’m waiting on a couple of people completing tasks for me. Once it’s available I’ll email details of where you can find it.

I can though share the price which will be £5.99 (or similar in other currencies). If there’s sufficient demand, I will consider publishing a print version.

Mastering Selections & Masks in Lightroom Update

Previously, I mentioned that I’ll be updating this book to Lightroom 11.4. After reviewing the book, I found only a small number of minor changes to the text. I’ve now made these and sent the update to anyone who purchased the book from my website. Unfortunately, other retailers won’t make the revisions available as they are not considered error corrections.

Considering this, I’ve decided to publish an article explaining the changes in Lightroom 11.4. I’ll include details in a future newsletter when it’s available. Now for the changes to the ACR version of the book.

Until next month, stay safe.

Robin Whalley

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