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Welcome to Lenscraft in Focus for June 2022.

It seems like there isn’t much new in the photography industry this past month; even new equipment launches seem limited. The photo editing software industry too is very quiet. But when I look back 12 months, I can see new releases and updates coming to market from July through to the end of the year. I suspect we will see the 12 monthly cycles repeating this year.

Photography wise, it’s also been quiet for me too. The last time I was out with a camera was mid-March this year. I am heading out this evening though to meet up with a friend and hopefully capture some shots. The weather conditions look perfect, with a front forecast to pass through when we meet. If it works out, I’ll share an image below.

Lenscraft in Focus June 2022 Newsletter main image

Here’s one of the images which I hope you can see (the email problem continues as I mention later). The weather turned out to be perfect. It was raining when we arrived but as it cleared, there was beautiful, clear light and a wonderful sunset. It was well worth making the effort.

As for the rest of the newsletter, the main news is an update on the book that I’m writing about how to organise your photos. In addition, you will find a link to the latest tutorials and lessons in my free course. There’s also the usual articles and information that I think might be of interest to fellow photographers.

I hope you enjoy reading it and please feel free to share it with others.


Missing Images Update

There isn’t one. The people who developed the newsletter software I use continue to investigate and try to find a solution. The have put out an update to the software which I’ve used for this newsletter, but I don’t know if it’s any better.

There’s slightly better news about the images not displaying on the website in that I’ve only received 2 reports of the problem this past month. I have also tested the site against all major browsers (running on Windows and Mac) via a testing service, but it hasn’t identified any problems.

I’ll continue to investigate any cases that come to light but I’m not sure how much more I can do at this time. Also, if you find you can suddenly see this month's images where they are normally missing, do let me know.

New Lenscraft Content

Over the past month I’ve focused on publishing new tutorials and updating old ones. Here’s the list of what you can find on Lenscraft.

Affinity Photo Keyboard Shortcuts and Custom Shortcuts
In this tutorial, I’ll be sharing what I consider to be my essential Affinity Photo keyboard shortcuts. In addition to sharing my favourite shortcuts, I’ll also be explaining how to…
Colour Grading Photography with Affinity Photo Levels
Colour Grading (or should I say Color Grading?) is a technique you can apply to photography and videos to change their colour and add effects. A good example is changing…
Easy Photoshop Technique for Removing the Background in Photos
Did you know that there’s a feature in Photoshop that makes it easy to remove the background in photos? Not only that but you can select which objects in a…

Learn Affinity Photo Free Course

I’ve updated the list of lessons in my free YouTube course helping photographers new to Affinity Photo. If you’ve been watching, I hope that you’re enjoying the course.

Lessons published to date:

I hope you find these helpful in improving your Affinity Photo skills.

From Around the Internet

A selection of interesting photography related resources from the internet.

Photography News Issue 99

The latest issue (number 99) of Photography News is out and you can read it for free with this link.


This is a great newspaper supporting the photography community.

On1 Resize in Photo RAW

On1 Photo RAW website

I noticed on the On1 website that their new Resizing software will be integrated into On1 Photo RAW in release 2022.5. The new software is scheduled for release in June so I can’t review it yet. I am though looking forward to testing it out as I do like On1 Photo RAW.

New On1 Software Discount Code

Although I mentioned this last month, I thought that it’s worth sharing again. If you decide to purchase any On1 products, I have a discount code which you can use for 20% off.


This code replaces my earlier LENSCRAFT code which no longer works. The new code should work with all On1 products.

Photographers You May Not Know – Dylan Nardini

Dylan Nardini Website

In all honesty, I don’t know much about Dylan other than what I read on the Bio page of his website. I’ll therefore leave you to read that rather than trying to summarise it here. What I will say is that his landscape photography is stunning and that he has quite rightly won awards for it.

Please visit his website and spend some time browsing his wonderful portfolio of images.


Books & Course News

Latest book and course news.

The Easy Way to an Organised Photo Library

Thank you for all the emails last month. It seems the idea of a book dealing with the practical steps of organising your photo library resonates with a lot of you. A couple of questions that came up frequently in the emails are:

  1. Will it cover reorganising an existing photo library that’s out of control?
  2. Will it include advice about backup up the library?

The answer to both questions is yes. I’ll be sharing my system for building a photo library that can handle as many images as you can throw at it without becoming overwhelmed. In the book I explain not only the best Lightroom features to use but also the steps I take to manage my own library of images.

In terms of progress, I’m now nearing the end of the first draft of the book. I’m hoping to have the finished version ready for release towards the end of July, perhaps early August, depending on workload. I’ll share more in future newsletters.

Until next month, stay safe and enjoy your photography.

Robin Whalley

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