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Welcome to Lenscraft in Focus for December 2021.

As this will be the last newsletter of 2021, I’ll start by wishing you a happy Christmas. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, I’ll wish you all the best for the new year.

Thank you for all the great feedback on my recent YouTube video which I shared in November’s newsletter. Based on your feedback I’ll be doing more of these videos in the coming months. In fact, you’ll find another outdoor video in this month’s articles about Overcast Photography.

And here’s one of the images that I shot in that video.

Lenscraft in Focus December 2021 Newsletter main image

If you’re interested in the processing behind this shot, you can watch the video on my YouTube channel.

As well as these videos, you’ll find lots more articles and tutorials in this month’s newsletter.

I hope you enjoy them.


New Lenscraft Content

Here’s a list of the new articles and tutorials published on Lenscraft over the past month.

Maximum Micro Four Thirds Image Quality
Let’s start by answering the big question many of you will be wondering about. Yes, Micro Four Thirds cameras can produce great image quality. In a moment, I’ll explain how…
Save Up To 50% On All DxO Software
DxO is offering savings of up to 50% off its software. If you don’t already use the excellent Nik Collection, PhotoLab or FilmPack software, perhaps now is the time to…
Overcast Landscape Photography Advice
Trying to photograph the landscape when the weather is dull, grey, and overcast can be extremely challenging. The best approach is to avoid these conditions by picking the day and…
Joby Black Friday $1m Give Away
This year, ahead of Black Friday, Joby is giving customers a chance to spin & win up to £180 of products. This also celebrates the launch of their new GorillaFeet…
Why Finding Your Photography Style Might be Bad Advice
I’m sure you have seen lots of articles advising you to find your photographic. These same articles probably also frequently encourage you not to copy other photographers. In fact, I’ve…

From Around the Web

Here are a few things that caught my attention on the internet over the past month.

New Home for Light & Landscapes Magazine

Light and Landscape Magazine

A few years ago, I shared the details of the Light & Landscape magazine. At the time it, it was a free magazine with good content, but it was only available as an iPhone App. Eventually the magazines ceased publishing, but that was after some 30 great editions.

Well now it’s back, and the historic archive is also available. Best of all, the new home for the magazine is a website, allowing everyone to enjoy the material. You can find more details here


New Kase Armour Filters

Kase Armour Filter system

There’s more exciting news for anyone using Kase Filters. The team has been hard at work, launching yet another new product. The Armour Filter.

The new Kase Armour combines the best of both Kase filter systems. Speed and simplicity of magnetic circular filters, with the benefits and versatility of the 100mm filters.

This is an alternative to the K9 holder, not a replacement and the two systems will run in parallel to each other.

It provides a fully magnetic holder system which uses the existing 100mm filters in magnetic frames. The magnetic frames then snap to the front of the Armour holder to provide a very neat mounting system. There’s also a polariser which mounts to the rear of the holder to minimise the risk of vignetting. Best of all, the magnetic frames can be used with your existing Kase 100mm filters.

To learn more about the new Armour filter system visit the Kase website.

Another Interesting video

Last month I shared an interesting video by photographer Peter Coulson about finding your style. Prompted by this, a friend shared a link to another interesting video with a similar theme. I thought you might also find this one interesting.


Photography News Issue 94 Available

This is a great publication for everyone interested in photography. The latest version of Photography News is now available, and you can read it online for free.


Photographers You May Not Know – William Patino

William Patino website

William Patino is a full-time landscape photographer, with a passion for exploration and capturing the wilderness of New Zealand. Growing up in the coastal town of Wollongong, Australia, his early photography was heavily influenced by the ocean but he . found his calling in the mountains. He now resides with his family in the mountainside town of Te Anau, in the South Island of New Zealand.

Having been fortunate enough to have spent time photographing New Zealand, it was one of William’s forest images that caught my attention. It seemed to perfectly capture the feeling of the rain forests I experienced whilst visiting. His website galleries include many superb images, but the standout for me is the Forest gallery.

Please do take a moment to visit.


Books & Course News

Latest book and course news.

Mastering Photoshop CC Layer Print Book

If you haven’t seen the announcement, the print version of my latest book “Mastering Photoshop CC Layers” is now available.

Mastering Photoshop CC Layer Print Book image

I’ve worked extremely hard to make this an excellent edition. I’ve used the largest available print size (11” x 8.5”) for the book. This together with the line spacing, illustration size, and slightly larger font size makes the book extremely easy to read.

The print version is available to purchase exclusively from Amazon for £21.99, or similar in other currencies.  I did notice on Thursday that Amazon has discounted the price to around £16 on the UK site but I don’t know how long that will last or if they have extended it to other countries.

You can find “Mastering Photoshop CC Layer” on Amazon using the link https://geni.us/PSLayerPrint. This will redirect you to the print edition on your local Amazon website.

Until next month, stay safe.

Robin Whalley

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