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Welcome to Lenscraft in Focus for November 2021.

Depending on where you are in the world, you might be slipping into winter or racing towards spring. Here in the UK, it’s the former and I love it. Autumn and winter are my favourite times of the year for landscape photography. At least when the rain isn’t so heavy that it stops you from getting out with a camera.

This past month has been quite wet, but there were also some great days like this one.

Lenscraft in Focus November 2021 Newsletter

Whilst the image has a cluttered foreground, there is something about it that I really like, and which draws me in.

If you want to see more shots like this, be sure to watch my Micro Four Thirds Landscape Photography video later. There are also a few other articles in this newsletter that I hope you find interesting as well as news about my latest book, and a photographer you might not know.


New Lenscraft Content

Here’s a list of the new articles and tutorials published on Lenscraft over the past month.

Enhancing Landscapes with the Affinity Photo Liquify Filter
In this article, we look at editing your landscape photography using a couple of tools in the Affinity Photo Liquify filter.
DxO Releases PhotoLab 5 and FilmPack 6
On the 20 October 2021, DxO released PhotoLab 5, an upgrade to their excellent PhotoLab 4 software. On the same day, they also released FilmPack 6. The previous popular FilmPack…
DxO Releases PureRAW 1.5
When DxO released PureRAW it initially confused some people. Many didn’t realise you could achieve the same result in DxO PhotoLab or why you might want to use it. Also,…
The Essential Camera Feature Nobody Talks About
Here’s an interesting question. Can you name the essential camera feature that nobody talks about? Spend a moment thinking about this before continuing. Okay, so this is a bit of…

Changing YouTube

I’ve been publishing YouTube videos regularly since 2016. Most are screen recordings where I explain a tool or technique used in photo editing. Now I’ve broadened what I publish to include more outdoor video.

Micro 43 Landscape Photography Video

In my latest video I explain what makes the Micro Four Thirds format so good for landscape photography whilst up in the Lake District for a day. The video also shares some of the images I shot during whilst filming the video. I hope you like the new style video which you can watch on YouTube (https://youtu.be/RJgh_VGDS_8).

From Around the Web

Things of interest I found on the Internet this month.

Finding your style

I haven’t found that much this month (unless you like new equipment and spending money), but I did find this.

I can’t remember how I found it, but I really enjoyed watching this video where Peter Coulson describes how to find your style. It’s around 20 minutes long and contains some valuable advice. Well worth watching.


Photographers You May Not Know – Scott Kranz

Scott Kranz website

Scott Kranz describes himself as a professional photographer, filmmaker, and adventurer based in Seattle. He specializes in outdoor sports, lifestyle, landscape, and travel content.

Looking at Scott’s website, I really liked his portfolio’s of Landscapes and Action shots. But what I probably enjoyed the most was the Motion portfolio. Although the videos are for commercial purposes they are wonderfully shot and edited and make you feel like you’re there in the landscape.

Scott’s website is well worth visiting and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Books & Course News

Latest book and course news.

Latest Book – Mastering Photoshop CC Layers

In case you missed it, my latest book launched towards the end of October.

Mastering Photoshop CC Layers book cover

At the time, you could only buy the eBook from Amazon but it’s now available from my Lenscraft website, Apple Books, Google Play, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Smashwords. It’s priced at just GBP 6.49 or similar in other currencies.

A lot of people have asked am I doing a print version of the book. The answer is yes, and I’m working on that right now.  I hope to have it available towards the end of November. The print layout takes a little longer as it has additional steps to layout, produce and approve physical copies of the book. I’ll be sending out an email announcement once it’s available.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s newsletter. Until next month, stay safe.


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