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Welcome to Lenscraft in Focus for April 2021.

When I started my draft of this month’s newsletter, I realised something shocking. I haven’t been out with a camera since before I wrote last month's newsletter. I’ve had plenty to keep me busy, but I haven’t taken any photographs. This is shameful for a photographer and something I need to fix over the coming months (restrictions allowing).

Although I don’t have any new images, I thought I would share this is one that I shot in March 2015.

Lenscraft in Focus April 2021 Newsletter main image

This image is four frames captured on an Olympus EM5 using the Olympus 12-40 lens at 24mm. The frames were then stitched together in Lightroom. Even six years on, when I now look at the image quality from well processed EM5 RAW files, I find it excellent.

There was however one thing the 16Mpixel EM5 left me longing for and that was more resolution. Surprisingly, there may now be a solution with the new Adobe Super Resolution feature. I’ve published an article and video about this which you’ll find later in the newsletter. The results are amazing and it’s just like having the EM5’s 16Mpixel sensor quadrupled.

I hope you enjoy this month’s newsletter.


New Lenscraft Content

Here’s a list of the new articles and tutorials published on Lenscraft over the past month.

Does the New Super Resolution Photoshop Feature Work?
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Using the Lightroom Print to JPEGFeature
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How to use the Affinity Photo Undo Brush Tool
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From Around the Web

This month, I’ve discovered a couple of things that you might find useful or interesting.

On1 Software 15% Discount Code

On1 Photo RAW 2021

Recently I signed up for the On1 Affiliate Scheme. This pays me a small commission if someone purchases On1 software using one of my links, but it doesn’t cost them any extra. It’s one of the ways that helps me cover the costs of running the Lenscraft website.

Unfortunately Affiliate links have had something of a bad reputation in the past . Some people abuse them by signing up to recommend almost anything. My personal rule is to only sign up for software that I already purchase and use myself, and that I believe in. That’s why I was happy to join the On1 scheme.

The reason that I’m explaining this is that after joining, something unexpected happened. On1 has set up a discount code for me to use and share. Yes, I will earn a small commission when some uses it, but it also nets you a 15% discount. Best of all, there isn’t a time limit on using it. I don’t know if it works in conjunction with other discounts, but you can use it any time so keep it safe. You never know when you might be able to benefit.

The code is LENSCRAFT which I understand can be used against anything in the On1 website Store.


Adobe Super Resolution

Adobe Super Resolution

You might already have read my article or watched my video about the new Adobe Super Resolution feature. Currently it’s only available in Adobe Camera RAW but I suspect it will soon appear in Lightroom.

Whilst researching Super Resolution I came across a blog post written by the Adobe Camera RAW team about Super Resolution. It explains the concepts behind the tool and some possible future developments. It’s worth taking a few minutes to read.

Photographers You May Not Know – David Kelly

David Kelly website

I would love to be able to tell you how I came across David Kelly’s website, but I can’t remember. I only remember seeing the Black and White gallery and thinking I must share this in the next newsletter.

Most of the work on David’s website features flowers at a moderate macro scale. Most also include limited depth of field which is extremely well executed. There is also a consistence amongst his work that I really like, and which makes the galleries enjoyable to review.

In all honesty, Gallery 3 featuring more processed work isn’t to my taste, but I love “Gallery 1 – In the Garden” and “Gallery 4 – Black & White”. It’s well worth taking a moment to visit his site.


Books & Course News

Latest book and course news.

Nik Color Efex Pro Rewrite

Last month I announced I was rewriting my Nik Color Efex Pro book. I’ve made good progress with this and expect to have the new version available in early May.

Whilst DxO hasn’t released any new filters for Nik Color Efex Pro, there have been a few changes since I published the original book. I’ve also found that I’ve changed my view about how to use some of the filters as well as learning a few more “tricks” which I’ve shared. I don’t think the book will be groundbreaking for anyone who already owns the first edition, but it does bring everything up to date.

What I can’t decide is if it’s worth releasing a paperback version of the book. My concern is that the cost of printing means the book would need to be priced at around 4 times the cost of the eBook just to break even.

If anyone has strong opinions about a print edition of the book, please let me know as it would help in my planning.

Until next month, stay safe.

Robin Whalley


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