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A resource for all photographers When I first created Lenscraft it was to share my Landscape Photography. And whilst I enjoy taking photographs I love sharing my knowledge with others. If you want to learn how I create my images, step inside the Lenscraft website. You will find everything you need to apply the same techniques to your own work. And don't worry if you're not a Landscape Photographer, the same principles can be applied to any type of photography. Scroll down to start your journey...

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Recent Landscape Photography

February 2016

This is a close up of a section of an old tree trunk. The image was shot in the rain which has resulted in the colours of the wood being emphasised and saturated. Due to the close working distance, the depth of field is very limited so two images with different focus points have been taken and then blended in Helicon Focus for a greater depth of field.

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The camera used was an Olympus EM5 with an Olympus 12-40mm lens. The lens has excellent image quality and quite a close focus capability. The camera was tripod mounted due to the long exposure time (it was quite dark in the woodland) and the need to blend two images for greater depth of field.

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