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My name's Robin Whalley and I’m a UK Landscape Photographer. When I first became interested in landscape photography, almost two decades ago, I was frustrated by the lack of information. I wanted to progress quickly but everyone who I thought was taking great pictures kept their secrets, well secret. That’s when I decided to study everything I could find about photography and image editing. I also made myself a promise, which was to ‘share what I learn and learn what I don’t know’. It's what's made me a better photographer.

Today, my photography has improved immensely and so too has my understanding of how to help other photographers do the same. That’s why I created Lenscraft, a free resource for enthusiast photographers everywhere. If you’re keen to learn photography and want to progress beyond the basics, you have arrived at the right site.

Everything here is free and will stay that way. There is a restricted ‘Members Area’, but guess what – yes, it’s free. If you decide to sign up, you will receive one or possibly two emails each month containing more free help. You can also unsubscribe at any time.

Look around and if you do decide to join Lenscraft, I recommend you look in the ‘Guides for Photographers’ in the ‘Members Area’. I think you will find it useful in developing your photography.

If you ever need help with your photography, just contact me.

Enjoy the site.

Robin Whalley

Landscape Photographer

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Photograph of Llyn Peninsula sunset, North Wales
Photograph of Thor's Well, Cape Perpetua, Oregon, America

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